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We Must Re-Elect Levine For Mayor

Dear Editor,

I write to express my deep concern about the decline in our once-thriving Franklin Township. Not long ago, our township proudly held a spot among the top 5 places to live in the United States, a testament to the dedication and effective leadership of Mayor Brian Levine. However, I have to sadly acknowledge the recent downturn in our community's prosperity since Mayor Levine left office. It is precisely for this reason that I strongly believe we must re-elect Brian Levine as our mayor.

Under Mayor Levine's previous tenure, Franklin Township flourished. It was a place that exuded a strong sense of community, provided an excellent quality of life, and fostered an environment conducive to smart, responsible growth and progress. Brian Levine's unwavering commitment to public service played a pivotal role in shaping our township's success during that time.

Mayor Levine was instrumental in fostering a sense of unity and community engagement. He actively sought input from residents, listened to their concerns, and worked tirelessly to address them. His open-door policy ensured that the voices of all community members were heard and considered. Through his inclusive leadership, Mayor Levine brought together diverse groups - promoting harmony, and enhancing the social fabric of our township.

Regrettably, since Mayor Levine left office, we have witnessed a decline in these vital areas. Warehouses are taking over open space, public safety is in decline, and parents are no longer the foundation of our community. Furthermore, a palpable divide has emerged within the community, and the spirit of collaboration that once thrived seems to have faded away.

To reverse this decline, we must elect a leader with a proven track record of success. Mayor Brian Levine has demonstrated time and again his ability to transform Franklin Township into a thriving community. His vision, experience, and dedication are exactly what we need to restore our township to its former glory.

As we approach the upcoming mayoral election, I urge my fellow Franklin Township residents to carefully consider the consequences of our choices. Let’s not overlook the significance of experience and proven leadership. Re-electing Mayor Brian Levine will set us on a path towards revitalization and renewed prosperity.


Walter Lange

Franklin Township Resident


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