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The Urgent Need for Accountability and Transparency

Electing Brian Levine, Noah Fofanah, and Frank Kunz in Franklin Township

In any functioning democracy, transparency and accountability are fundamental principles that help to ensure the proper functioning of government and maintain the public's trust. Sadly, in Franklin Township, an all-Democrat town council has been plagued by a lack of transparency and accountability, raising concerns among residents. As the upcoming election approaches, it is essential to evaluate these issues and consider viable alternatives.

One candidate for mayor and two candidates for council - Brian Levine, Noah Fofanah, and Frank Kunz - are excellent choices to address this pervasive problem. Their campaign has shed light on several disturbing instances that underscore the need for a change in leadership in Franklin Township.

1. Delayed Responses to Open Public Record Act (OPRA) Requests:

Brian Levine's campaign team has taken the necessary steps to obtain information vital for an informed electorate by filing OPRA requests with the township. However, these requests have been met with delay tactics, as the township has failed to respond within the legally mandated seven-day period. The response was pushed to a conveniently distant date - October 23, 2023, just before the impending election. This raises legitimate concerns about what information might be withheld or manipulated to serve political interests.

2. Questionable Handling of OPRA Requests:

Furthermore, the handling of OPRA requests within the administration has come under scrutiny. The campaign team's requests have been shared with others, creating a culture of information disclosure that might not align with the principles of ethical conduct. While it is not illegal to share OPRA requests, doing so in a manner that compromises the impartiality and integrity of the process raises ethical questions.

3. Disbandment of the Ethics Committee:

The disbandment of the ethics committee at the local level has removed a crucial mechanism of checks and balances. A functional, local ethics committee is essential for maintaining ethical conduct within the government and promoting public trust. The absence of this oversight body allows for potential misconduct and diminishes the credibility of the local government.

In light of these concerning issues, Franklin Township residents have a vital role to play in ensuring that their community is led by individuals committed to transparency, accountability, and ethical governance. Brian Levine, Noah Fofanah, and Frank Kunz have demonstrated their dedication to addressing these concerns and fostering a government that values integrity, openness, and public trust.

Vote for Brian Levine for mayor, Noah Fofanah and Frank Kunz for council. As the election approaches, it is imperative for voters to consider these vital aspects and make an informed choice that will steer Franklin Township towards a future of accountable and transparent governance.

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