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Experienced Leadership and Fresh Voices Step Up to Shape Franklin Township's Future

FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, August 8, 2023 – Today marks an exciting moment in the journey towards a better Franklin Township, as we proudly introduce our three exceptional candidates who embody the spirit of "Leaders Who Listen." With a shared commitment to addressing overdevelopment challenges, enhancing public safety, and upholding family values, these individuals are poised to usher in a new era of public service and collaboration.

Brian Levine for Mayor: A Proven Leader with a Vision

We are excited to welcome back Brian Levine, a true leader whose legacy as a mayor is etched in the heart of our community. Levine's experience and insight will be invaluable in tackling our current overdevelopment issues. His proven track record of responsible governance and open dialogue exemplifies the very essence of "Leaders Who Listen," ensuring a much-needed balance between growth and preservation.

Noah Fofanah for Council: A Fresh Perspective and Dedicated Advocate

Noah Fofanah, a passionate advocate for community involvement embodies the essence of “Leaders Who Listen” as he seeks a seat on the township’s council. Fofanah's fresh perspective and dedication to public service make him an ideal candidate to address overdevelopment issues while enhancing public safety measures. His commitment to fostering a close-knit community, especially with at-risk Franklin youth, aligns with his vision for a township that puts its residents' needs first. Fofanah's boundless energy and innovative ideas will undoubtedly breathe new life into our council and inspire a collaborative approach to finding solutions.

Frank Kunz for Council: A Respected Voice for Family Values

Frank Kunz, a respected Franklin business owner, brings a wealth of experience to the council race. With a passion for family values and a commitment to preserving the essence of Franklin Township, Kunz is dedicated to ensuring our community remains a safe and welcoming place for all. His strong stance on public safety and his determination to strike a balance between development and preservation underscore his dedication to the township's growth and stability and aligns seamlessly with the ideals of "Leaders Who Listen."

Together, We Shape the Future

Brian Levine, Noah Fofanah, and Frank Kunz form an extraordinary trio that stands united to address the pressing concerns facing Franklin Township. "Leaders Who Listen" isn't just a slogan; it's a promise to actively engage with our community, to understand your concerns, and to work tirelessly to find practical solutions that benefit us all. Their shared commitment to fostering responsible growth, enhancing safety, and preserving families is a testament to their dedication.

Join us in supporting Brian Levine for Mayor and casting your vote for Noah Fofanah and Frank Kunz for Council on or before November 7, 2023. Together, we forge a path towards a brighter, safer, and more harmonious Franklin Township.

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