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A Letter to Neighbors from Brian Levine

Dear Neighbors,

My name is Brian Levine and I am running to be the next Mayor of Franklin Township.

During my previous 11-year tenure as Mayor, Franklin Township experienced unprecedented prosperity. Our community thrived, local businesses flourished, and opportunities abounded. The quality of life for every resident was not just a priority, but a reality we fostered together. Our community was vibrant, safe, and inviting.

One of my proudest accomplishments was having one of the highest budget surpluses in the entire state; due to strong budgeting and fiscal responsibility. Franklin achieved a level of financial strength that allowed us to invest in critical infrastructure, education, and essential services. This fiscal responsibility empowered us to create a resilient foundation for our future.

Our achievements didn't go unnoticed. Franklin Township gained outstanding recognition from neighboring communities and beyond, and we were named the 5th best place to live in the country by Money Magazine. This wasn't just a testament to my leadership, but to the collective efforts of our dedicated residents whose voices were respectfully heard and always taken into consideration.

Perhaps most importantly, we controlled growth in a way that preserved the charm and character of our community. We negotiated hard for developers to pay their fair share and provide services to the public. We embraced progress while maintaining our identity, striking a much-needed balance that benefited both current and future generations.

Now, I am asking for your trust and support once again. Let's build upon our past achievements and create an even brighter future for Franklin Township. Together, we can reignite the spirit of progress and ensure that our community remains a place we are all proud to call home.

Please vote for me, Brian Levine, for Mayor and my running mates Noah Fofanah and Frank Kunz for Council. To learn more about us and our platform, please visit us online at and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


Brian Levine


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