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We OPPOSE Overdevelopment

Our candidates oppose overdevelopment. They are deeply committed to preserving the character of our community while fostering sustainable growth and maintaining a balanced economic landscape. 

They recognize the importance of community engagement and will prioritize open dialogue with residents, local businesses, and relevant stakeholders. Our candidates believe in collaborative decision-making, ensuring that the concerns and perspectives of all community members are heard and taken into account.

To tackle the issue of overdevelopment, our candidates propose implementing smart growth policies that emphasize responsible and thoughtful development. They will work diligently to strike a delicate balance between progress and preservation. This approach includes conducting comprehensive land-use assessments, reviewing zoning regulations, and implementing strategic urban planning initiatives.

Public Safety

We PROMOTE Public Safety

we promote public safety.png

Our candidates recognize the importance of effective law enforcement and will work closely with the Franklin Township Police Department to enhance their capabilities. They will prioritize increasing police presence and implementing community policing initiatives to foster positive relationships between law enforcement and residents. By establishing regular dialogue and engagement between officers and the community, our candidates aim to build trust, promote transparency, and enhance public safety.

They believe that an engaged and vigilant community is the first line of defense against crime. Our candidates will establish neighborhood watch programs, organize community forums, and conduct regular safety workshops to educate residents on crime prevention strategies and encourage their active participation in maintaining public safety.

Support Parents
pro parent.png

Our candidates strongly believe in and support parental rights as a fundamental aspect of our community's values. They recognize the vital role parents play in raising and shaping the future of our children, and they are committed to preserving and protecting the rights of parents to make important decisions regarding their children's upbringing, education, and well-being.

They recognize that strong families are the foundation of a thriving community. They are dedicated to creating an environment where families feel supported and valued, providing resources and opportunities that enable parents to fulfill their responsibilities effectively. Our candidates are committed to fostering collaboration between parents, schools, and community organizations, encouraging open communication and cooperation to address the needs and challenges facing families today.

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